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Traditional market research relies mostly on self-report methods. However, survey or questionnaires test the customer’s rational brain, while up to 95% of all cognitive processes (attention, retention, retrieval and decision-making) occur in the subconscious mind. Neuromarketing deals with the examination and exploitation of implicit or unconscious consumer’s processes.

SP Jain School of Global Management’s Executive Program in Neuromarketing is a 2-day course offered at our campuses in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney. The first day you will learn about various consumer behaviour models and consumer insight techniques, such as Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET), Implicit-Association Test (IAT) and Focus Groups with an emphasis on biometric techniques. The second day you will gain exclusive access to SP Jain’s Neuroscience Lab where you will learn to use the iMotions Biometric Research Platform to extract actionable and powerful consumer insight. The lab is equipped with industry-grade neuroscience equipment (Eye tracking, EEG, Galvanometric, Facial Expression and integrated self-reporting used by leading companies like Nielsen and Deloitte) that will offer you a hands-on approach to learning.

2-day Executive
Education Program
Study in
Dubai / Mumbai / Singapore / Sydney
Ideal for
Business Executives
Exclusive access to the
SP Jain Neuroscience Lab


  • The program will focus on sharing the latest advances in consumer behaviour models and Neuroscience for gaining effective customer insight.

  • It will help you gain a deeper understanding of a consumer’s motives.

  • You will learn how to use one of the most advanced biometric platforms in the market.

  • You will learn how to develop efficient and irresistible brand elements – from packaging and product design to website, print and video ads.


The program makes use of an innovative ‘Discontinuous Learning’ approach that combines in-class learning and mentorship training via webinars. The learning system will be based on face-to-face lessons and Action Learning Project.

Advanced consumer behaviour models and application

You will be presented an overview of the most advanced model of consumer behaviour. You will learn how to understand both rational and unconscious consumer motives and how to position your brand / product accordingly.

  • Understanding consumer motives
  • Understanding consumer attitude
  • Consumer as social animals: Fishbein and Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) models
  • Rational consumer behaviour: Graphical analysis

Deep consumer insight: Fundamentals in Psychophysiology

Consumers are complex beings and understanding them is fundamental to your business. This session will provide you the tools to understand and assess a consumer’s hidden motives and how a business can adapt its promotion to successfully attract, engage and retain its customers. You will also learn fundamental and essential design rules for your brand elements.

  • Focus group, ZMET, IAT
  • The unconscious consumers: Understanding brain functions
  • Understanding eye tracking, EEG, GSR and Affdex
  • Website, print ad, package and video ads design fundamentals

The iMotions Biometric Research Platform

This is a practical and hands-on session where you will learn to use the various aspects of the multi-sensor iMotions biometric platform to extract actionable and powerful consumer insight.

  • Experimental set up and practice
  • Learn best practices within biometric research
  • Learn to master the iMotions platform to the fullest
  • Complete a best practice, multi-sensor research project
  • Learn how to design studies, analyse data and interpret the results

Using the iMotions Biometric Research Platform

This is a practical session where you will test, analyse and evaluate ways to improve your company brand elements: packaging, logo, website and other promotional material. You will get the opportunity to upload your brand elements within the biometric platform and tests are carried out on a representative sample. Data analysis is conducted based on simple statistical test. From these results, effective design strategies can be implemented.

  • Test your brand logo, website, package, video
  • Statistical analysis of GSR, Affdex, eye tracking data
  • Enhance your brand material using scientific evidences



Director - SP Jain Neuroscience Lab

Dr Nicolas Hamelin is Associate Professor and Director of the Neuroscience Lab at SP Jain School of Global Management. He holds a PhD in Physics from Sussex University, UK, a PhD in Business from the Royal Docks Business School, University of East London, and a MSc in Environmental Management from Ulster University. He has worked as a research fellow for the City University of Hong Kong, the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter and the Energy Center of the Netherlands. In international business, he has worked at ST-Ericsson within the Nokia BU as a technical and strategic marketing manager.

Dr Hamelin also has a diploma in TV journalism from Institut National de l audiovisual (INA), Paris and is an in-country analyst for Euromonitor International, a London-based global marketing research agency. His main research interests are in the fields of Neuromarketing, Consumer Behaviour, Social Marketing and Environmental Management.



Senior Management Professionals / CXOs / Business Heads & Entrepreneurs who are responsible for shaping overall corporate strategy and driving digital strategy

CMOs and senior managers who are responsible for formulating and driving marketing strategy


To apply to SP Jain’s 2-day course in Neuromarketing, you can contact:

Dr Nicolas Hamelin

Director – Neuroscience Lab
SP Jain School of Global Management
+61 0289706813

Got a question? Why don't you introduce yourself to us and we will get in touch with you soon to answer your queries and help you with your application.